Michael Raichelson

Who is Michael Raichelson?

Mike makes things on the internet and sometimes writes about himself in the third person.

His background includes time as a graphic designer, front-end developer, and a Drupal developer. But lately most of his time is focused on some blend of JavaScript (especially Vue.js and Nuxt.js) and Shopify.

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Curious what all it is that I do with my time (professional and otherwise)? This is the spot to find out. Here's a couple things I'm feeling kind of proud of at the moment, but there's more where that came from.

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I'm trying to make a more concerted effort to write things down. This is the place to find those things.

Those rambling, weird, half incoherent things, that will probably wobble back and forth between obsessive tech chatter and talk about tabletop games.

What's going on in that skull of yours?


Really feeling the burning need to get in touch with me for...reasons?

Well, good news, I've got a whole page just for that.

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