Michael Raichelson

Cyberpunk Red Roll20 Character Sheet

When R. Talsorian Games released the new edition of their Cyberpunk Red tabletop roleplaying game I was part of a group that had been playing using the pre-release quickstart guide online on the virtual tabletop site Roll20. The changes to the final rules meant the existing character sheet we had been using was no longer accurate, but at the time there wasn't a full option. Since the character sheets are all built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript I took a swing at putting one together based on our hands-on experience with the game.

The result was the "Cyberpunk Red Tabbed" character sheet which tried to apply some basic UX knowledge to the printable sheet that was included with the game to adapt it for use on a computer screen. Some of the portions of the sheet were rearranged (surprising no one, into tabs) so the relevant information to a task was all that you had to digest. Where possible as many of the interactions with the ruleset were automated into clickable buttons or interface elements in the sheet.

(If you're interested in the campaign and how the game went, you can find recordings of the sessions on YouTube as part of the High Shelf Gaming channel in a playlist here.)